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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Housekeeping for kali linux

What it does?
It cleans apt cache.
Remove old config files.
Remove old kernels.
Empty every trashes.

What you can do is to save the script on your Desktop. Make it executable and clean kali linux.

Ex: root@kali:~/Desktop# ./


or you can use command in terminal:
git clone

TOR for Kali Linux

Tor (used to stand for "The Onion Router", but it's no longer considered an abbreviation, so it's just "Tor"), is an anonymity network, used to surf the web (and more) anonymously. Basically, anyone running the Tor software on their computer runs a proxy, and traffic gets passed (encrypted) from one person running Tor to another person running Tor, multiple times through many users, until it get's to the page that you requested. Hence the term "Onion" used to describe it, since it works in "layers". Each person running Tor on their computer is called a "Node".

To the page (and anyone logging requests to that page, such as the website owner for example) they can only see the IP address of the last Node (called the "end node"). Any communication along the way, between you, when you request the website page, and the final destination, is encrypted, and cannot be analyzed. However, the last Node in the chain can log and view traffic through it, if the person running it is unscrupulous, so for that reason it can't be said that Tor is 100% anonymous.

TOR Auto-install Shellscript

echo "deb wheezy main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
clear scr
echo "[*] Installing the keys...."
gpg --keyserver --recv 886DDD89
gpg --export A3C4F0F979CAA22CDBA8F512EE8CBC9E886DDD89 | sudo apt-key add -
echo "Ready!!"
clear scr
echo "[*] Updating Repositories...."
apt-get update
clear scr
echo "[*] Installing TOR"
apt-get install
apt-get install tor
echo "Ready!!"
echo "[*] Installing Vidalia"
apt-get install vidalia
echo "Ready!!"
echo "[*] Installing iceweasel-torbutton"
apt-get install iceweasel-torbutton
echo "Ready!!"
clear scr
echo "[*] Installing Privoxy"
apt-get install privoxy
echo "[*] Configuring privoxy"
echo "forward-socks5 / ." >> /etc/privoxy/config
echo "Ready!!"
service tor restart
service privoxy restart
echo "Tor has been installed successfully."

Save this script to a file like and chmod +x it.
#chmod +x

DNS Enumeration with Backtrack Tutorial

When it comes to web server’s penetration-testing, a DNS server is always on the top of the list because DNS server is the core gateway of an internal enterprise to the mighty internet. Information gathering, as we all know is an important part of Penetration, so gathering information about the DNS is just as important as the DNS server. Even if an attacker can enumerate a DNS server it can prove very lethal to the Organization whose information is stored on the server. In this tutorial we will be looking at several tools and their usage by which we can enumerate a DNS server in several ways. For this we will open CMD shell in BT and type cd /pentest/enumeration/dns1

Then type ls The list of DNS enumeration tools will appear and we will take a look at the use of all tools.2First we will use dnsenum tool.3It is very easy to use this tool, just type the command in the format perl dnsenum.pl4It will generate results as shown in below picture.5It provided us with the list of entire IPs used by the website including the mail servers.6Now the trick to extract information that we need for further phases of Pen-testing e.g if you want to test the mail server you can telnet it and exploit it by foot-printing (will be explained in upcoming tutorials). The next tool that we will use is dnswalk.7It is also a very good tool for enumerating and provides with filtered information of the target.You can access it by cd dns command in dns folder. Only the difference in the input is In Dnswalk the target ends with a “.”8We got the results here, as we have mentioned earlier dnswalk only provides basic information like SOA server and warnings. It is a partial enumeration testing tool.9Next tool we will be digging is called dnsrecon, You can find this in the dns folder, It is a tool written python scripting.10Now as you can see below that we have performed multiple operations with dnsrecon which will be explained further. You can retrieve SRV records of the target also query SOA etc.11For retrieving SRV records you have to type the command ./ –t srv –d target name.12Now here is how the result of the srv records look like:13And here’s how we query the SOA, NS and MX of the servers using the command ./ –t std –d And here how the result will look like:14By DNS enumeration you can gather a lot of information about the target and it can prove to be very helpful in a penetration test. 

SMS Spoofing with KALI Linux Tutorial

This is an amazing and improved feature that has made many security professionals think. Anyone can easily spoof sms from various numbers and there is no chance to be caught. This feature is located in the SET (Social Engineering toolkit). For this go to Applications>>Kali Linux>>Exploitation tools>>se-toolkit

Now after selecting it you will be prompted a dialogue box then in this select Social Engineering toolkit.Next select option 7: SMS spoofing attacksThen select the option no 1: Perform SMS spoofing attackAfter that again select option no 1: SMS Attack single phone numberNow enter the victim’s Phone-number with its country codeNow select a template or use predefined templates as shown in below imageI am selecting a fake police SMS option 19Now it’s almost done, from here you can choose the predefined android emulator or use your the SMS accounts. Thus, either you can start a war or stop it by sending SMS from fake locations.Do remember this tutorial is just for your learning purpose, do not use these tricks in unethical way. Have fun!

Ardamax Key Logger 4.0.5 Latest version Serial Key


You can download the ardamax latest key logger from the official website.I have added the link below.
Use this activation key


Name: Luiz Ricardo P Oliveira
serial: 3F1A-54F8-032C

Official link


Is TOR Secure??

TOR is not safe to hack!! With putting too much security in middle, you increase the risk of malicious traffic from end station going undetected through this tight-secure loop. It’s a general rule when traffic moves from higher trust to lower trust , the nature of protection provided on either ends should be evaluated and should it match with the data classification level it carries with in. try using some other vpns!!In particular if somebody can observe your traffic and your target's traffic, he can correlate that.

One interesting variant is connecting to a VPN over TOR. That helps with 3), provided you trust the VPN, but you need to figure out a way to buy VPN access anonymously.

Factors Affecting Anonymity Online

IP address- can be resolved by VPN's. User agent- MAC address - Technetium mac changer. For more information be have anonymous service online. Please visit

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